Mind Body Connection

The Mind Body Connection

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Thinking is not just a matter of the mind. Learning, thinking, and remembering do occur in the brain, but it also occurs throughout the whole body. Every cell in the human body is intelligent, and contributes to the whole mind-body system. The chemical interactions between the body’s cells and the mind plays a critical role in connecting the two systems …

russ237The Mind Body Connection

The Voyager Program

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During the early 1960s, a project was planned to tour the gas planets of our solar system. This mission eventually became known as the Voyager Program, which was launched in the late 1970s. Originally, their mission was to study Jupiter and Saturn, but the mission has changed due to its continual success. The voyager probes were able to study Jupiter, …

russ237The Voyager Program

The Hubble Space Telescope

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Telescopes have only been around for about 400 years. Since then, they have evolved quickly and helped astronomers make remarkable discoveries. Ground based telescopes were the first, but we needed a way to observe the cosmos in the vacuum of space, without the light pollution and atmosphere of earth. The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was the tool that helped propel …

russ237The Hubble Space Telescope
Solar System Formation

How the Solar System Formed

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The formation of the solar system still has not been fully explained. Even though there is a theory which has been fully accepted, there are still some unanswered questions about it, and if history is a lesson, our ideas about the solar system are always changing and evolving. The Nebular Theory is the most widely accepted theory on how the …

russ237How the Solar System Formed
NK BioSuit

US Spacesuits

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Humans need to be protected from the harsh environment of space, which is why spacesuits are such a critical component of the space program. Since NASAs first spacesuit, a silver pressurized suit worn by the Mercury Seven during Project Mercury, they have constantly been evolving and improving spacesuits to meet the demands of the mission and improve the safety, comfort, …

russ237US Spacesuits