Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

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I just finished the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I heard it was a good book and it had some great reviews on ITunes and Amazon, so I thought I’d give it a shot. It was definitely an interesting read and made me look at those people who are extremely successful as products of their circumstances. Yes, they are obviously very talented and hard-working, but, as Malcolm argues, it’s what is around them – family, birthplace, birth date in some cases, and being in the right place at the right time which gives them a huge advantage and helps set them apart from the rest of the pack, making them outliers. Malcolm points out that these extremely successful people don’t …

russ237Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Alan Watts – A Different Way to Look at Death

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“The reason we die is to give us the opportunity to understand what life is all about. By letting go because then we come to a situation the ego can’t deal with.” – Alan Watts The opportunity presented by death… If you can go into death with eyes open and have somebody help you if necessary, to give up, before you die.. Everything can be come absolutely clear.

russ237Alan Watts – A Different Way to Look at Death

Faith in Humanity Restored – Pay it Forward

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Great video on what $1 can do.  All it took was one person to decide that they wanted to help someone and they started a movement.  Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia – Check out the article here And here is the YouTube video

russ237Faith in Humanity Restored – Pay it Forward

Brain Games Nat Geo

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My new favorite TV show is called Brain Games by National Geographic. It’s a great way to exercise your mind and it is educational television. Your mind will be stretched, taught new concepts, and will allow you to perceive things differently. Check it out! Here is one from youtube Below is one episode from Dailymotion.com. All episodes are on here as well.. Motion Commotion – Brain Games – Episode 06  

russ237Brain Games Nat Geo

The Power of Giving

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Very touching video. Giving is the best form of communication. Give more, everyday.   Read my first post – part 1 of the power of giving

russ237The Power of Giving

Alan Watts – Myth of myself

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Who am I? I myself. The words of Alan Watts… That our normal sensation of isolated egos in a bag of skin is a hallucination, it really is, it is absolutely nutty For every outside there is an inside and for every inside there is an outside. And although they are different, they are the same. You don’t find one without the other. Instead of feeling that we, each one of us are something that the whole realm of being is doing, we feel that we are something that has come into the realm of being as a stranger, when we were born we don’t really know where we came from, because we don’t remember, and we think when we …

russ237Alan Watts – Myth of myself

People are Awesome

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If this doesn’t get you pumped up, I don’t know what will.  This just goes to show that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Now, my question is, where do I get one of those awesome flying squirrel suits??  Those are amazing.

russ237People are Awesome