Power, Control, and Desire – Alan Watts

Russ Jamieson Alan Watts, Spirituality

Alan Watts explains that you think you want absolute power, but the truth is, that is not what we truly desire. The unexpected and the unknown is what excites people and makes life worth living. A completely predictable future is the past. If you got complete control over everything, what would you do with it? Image credits – http://www.androidjones.com/

Russ JamiesonPower, Control, and Desire – Alan Watts

The Fear of Death

Russ Jamieson Alan Watts, Spirituality

“I was dead for millions of years before I was born and it never inconvenienced me a bit.” -Mark Twain Are you afraid to die? Is there really a reason to fear death? There is a very good reason to accept death… it will come to us all!  But do not fret, for death is nothing to fear.  Humanity has made it into this terrible charade. Religion has made it into something to fear because if you sin, you will burn for eternity.. Or something ridiculous like that.  How are you supposed to welcome or even accept death with that belief?? Companions and relatives persistently stay in contact with us regardless of where we are and will dependably be there …

Russ JamiesonThe Fear of Death

Alan Watts – Time To Wake Up

Russ Jamieson Alan Watts, Philosophy, Spirituality

You are it! If you see yourselves in the right way, then you would understand just how extraordinary you are. You are a miracle and there is nothing wrong with you at all.. but you think there is something wrong with you.. but there is nothing wrong with thinking that either, it is what we do. Interesting perspectives from Alan Watts! Image credits – http://t-abroudj.deviantart.com/

Russ JamiesonAlan Watts – Time To Wake Up

Alan Watts – Moksha

Russ Jamieson Alan Watts, Spirituality

Alan Watts – Moksha – the idea of liberation – wake up, its a dream People focus too much on the future, planning for the future – they become incapable of living now and enjoying life now. “Everything is falling apart, so don’t try and stop it” Go with change, don’t cling to static.

Russ JamiesonAlan Watts – Moksha

Alan Watts – Thinking

Russ Jamieson Alan Watts, Spirituality

Alan Watts – Thinking Video Credit: The Gout Code Philosophical instruments! Now called scientific instruments. Aristotle – The beginning of philosophy is wonder. Philosophy is mans expression of everything. His attempt to make sense of the world primarily through his intellect. Through thinking. Alan Watts talks about thinking and the limits of language. “I do know how to do it, but i just can’t put it into words!” “Trying to understand the world, purely by thinking about it is as clumsy a process as trying to drink the Pacific ocean out of a pint beer mug” “You can only think one thought at a time.” “There is a lot more to you than you realize” “You are not really separate …

Russ JamiesonAlan Watts – Thinking

Alan Watts talks Samsara

Russ Jamieson Alan Watts, Spirituality

Alan Watts – Samsara The root of most human unhappiness is the sense that ones life has no meaning. Does life have to have a purpose? A meaning? Alan asks some very thought provoking questions in this speech. “It is so often that we don’t follow our ideas and our desires through.’ “Most of the things we really want very fermintly are things we have only half glimpsed”“we feel that life ought to have some significance.”“why is it that a plan/fellowship gives a sense of meaning?”“Going on towards going on, towards going on”“What is the joy of it?”

Russ JamiesonAlan Watts talks Samsara

The Logos

Russ Jamieson Alan Watts, Spirituality

Very nice video of the cosmos The presence of the whole binds these parted moments in a knot of eternity. The ends are loosed upon the measures of the mind, confounding their search for time. O, Paradox of mine, won’t you find a way to unwind, to spell your secrets and show the way to the source? Psychic signals abound, written on walls of caves too dark to see but with the light of the soul. The meaning is a mystery told for sake of mourning the loss of sacred stars of nights too bright for celestial lights. Fearful of city walls, heaven has retreated, withdrawn to the shadows of mistrusted ideas. Clouds condense the tears of angels which rain …

Russ JamiesonThe Logos