Are We All Related?

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I love my fellow man!  Maybe it’s because we are all family.  Did you know that we are all at least 50th cousins?  This can be explained by the idea of pedigree collapse.  You can read more about it here – Pedigree Collapse and here – The Straight Dope. What I take away from that is 2 things… 1 – Since we are all related, we should treat each other like family.  The next time you see a stranger, think of them as a distant cousin and your demeanor will change towards them.  Feeling irritated towards someone?  Think of them as that annoying cousin, but you still love them and treat them with kindness.  It changes your whole outlook on strangers. …

Russ JamiesonAre We All Related?

The Mind Body Connection

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Thinking is not just a matter of the mind. Learning, thinking, and remembering do occur in the brain, but it also occurs throughout the whole body. Every cell in the human body is intelligent, and contributes to the whole mind-body system. The chemical interactions between the body’s cells and the mind plays a critical role in connecting the two systems into one. Understanding the mind-body connection in thinking, learning, and emotion is essential to improve our thinking and learning. Every single cell in our body is intelligent. Every cell in our body thinks, not just our brains. According to Conner (2004), “Scientists now can show that all matter in the human body has a built in intelligence, as well as …

Russ JamiesonThe Mind Body Connection

popcorn Time Apk: Free Download for iOS, PC Versions

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popcorn Time Apk: Popcorn time is a film and TV series watching application. This app is a completely free app to use for both Android and iOS users. Popcorn time has many advanced features so everyone are in love with this app. Lets discuss the complete details. The main feature of this app is you can find unlimited movies and TV series shows, where you can watch easily by accessing them the front page of the app itself, without downloading them. Popcorn Time for iPhone is a popular app known for streaming videos and watching unlimited movies. Download Popcorn Time for iPhone/iPad on iOS: Firstly, Go to safari browser and search for that specific app and click on the green box …

Russ Jamiesonpopcorn Time Apk: Free Download for iOS, PC Versions