Big Brother is Watching You

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1984 by George Orwell was released in 1949 and is truly a nightmare vision of the future (aka Kim Jong-Un’s wet dream). A world where we have no freedoms, we are constantly at war, and we are under constant surveillance by the government. Today, some of these premonitions have come true… just think about the FBI trying to get a backdoor into Iphones, internet surveillance, Edward Snowden (former CIA employee whistle blower), CCTV, etc. We can pretty much assume that everything we say on the phone or write on a keyboard is now recorded and stored in a database somewhere. The FBI can use your phone to record everything you’re doing without you even knowing it’s recording (  Oh, and your webcam, yea, they …

Russ JamiesonBig Brother is Watching You

How to Have an Undefeated Mind

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The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self by Alex Lickerman is about cultivating the inner strength we need to enjoy the difficult lives we all have.  It can be summarized in two parts… first, how to survive and thrive in the face of adversity (personality hardiness), and second, how to overcome obstacles and keep going.  There are a lot more lessons to be pulled out of it, but that’s a quick snapshot. Happiness We all have an innate drive to be happy.  It’s at the core of what we do and why we do it.  The choices we make in life are driven by our desire to be happy.  Finding happiness is difficult for two reasons:download …

Russ JamiesonHow to Have an Undefeated Mind

Way of the Peaceful Warrior

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Way of the peaceful warrior by Dan Millman definitely has a Zen feel to it. If you want to know how to live a happy life.. read this book (or at least watch the movie) and live by it. It’s filled with knowledge and deep insights. The book is about a young man named Dan who is a very competitive and ambitious gymnast. He trains very hard and all he wants is to win. One night while wandering about, he meets an old wise man named Socrates. Dan becomes his student and his life is forever changed. The old man challenges him in interesting ways and opens his mind into a whole new way of thinking and being. “Life has three …

Russ JamiesonWay of the Peaceful Warrior

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – Life Lessons

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Marcus Aurelius (AD 121-180) was the Roman Emperor from 161 until his death in 180.  He was known as Marcus the wise and was the last of the five good emperors. You might remember him as the old guy from the movie Gladiator.  During his later years, while he was commanding his armies, he wrote down many of his thoughts on Stoic philosophy.  These personal writings consisted of 12 books (called Meditations, meaning “to himself”) which he wrote over the last 10 years of his life.  They were a source for his own guidance and self-improvement and are still very relevant for us today. Quick note: Stoicism was founded by Zeno (300 bce).  His teachings continued and evolved until the later Stoics …

Russ JamiesonMeditations by Marcus Aurelius – Life Lessons

Week 1 of Going Vegetarian

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Vegetarians and vegans seem a little smug, don’t they?  I used to think they had a pompousness attitude, but in reality it’s not them, it’s your perception of them.  This is a defense mechanism.  I thought of them this way because of my own guilt, shame, and denial.  I knew deep down that what they were doing was right, and what I was doing (killing and eating animals) was ultimately wrong.  This deep seated belief told me that they were more enlightened and conscious beings, more aware, and more aligned with the world and the creatures that live among us… I didn’t like vegans and vegetarians because it forced me to face that part of myself that was playing into …

Russ JamiesonWeek 1 of Going Vegetarian

Eben Alexander’s Near Death Experience

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This is a great video on the mind, brain, consciousness, religion, reincarnation, and life after death. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven, is a Neurosurgeon who fell into a 7 day coma in 2008.  He was diagnosed with a rare form of bacterial meningitis, which he claims shut down his neocortex, the seat of human consciousness.  Before his coma, he believed in the conventional scientific model of the world – the brain produces consciousness.  After his coma, and near death experience (NDE), everything had changed for him.  He provides an amazing account of his NDE and brings us some lessons from the other side: We are all one soul You are deeply loved and cherished forever You have nothing …

Russ JamiesonEben Alexander’s Near Death Experience

Are We All Related?

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I love my fellow man!  Maybe it’s because we are all family.  Did you know that we are all at least 50th cousins?  This can be explained by the idea of pedigree collapse.  You can read more about it here – Pedigree Collapse and here – The Straight Dope. What I take away from that is 2 things… 1 – Since we are all related, we should treat each other like family.  The next time you see a stranger, think of them as a distant cousin and your demeanor will change towards them.  Feeling irritated towards someone?  Think of them as that annoying cousin, but you still love them and treat them with kindness.  It changes your whole outlook on strangers. …

Russ JamiesonAre We All Related?

How to Stop Caring What Others Think

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Have you ever wondered why we care so much about what other people think of us? Have you ever wondered why you let people you don’t even know have so much influence over your life? For some, this problem can be life crippling. It can become an obsession. This is a topic that has perplexed me in the past, so I researched it and have an article laid out below which goes over why we do this, why it’s insane, why you shouldn’t do this, and how to make some big shifts in your life starting today that will set you on the path to being free from the opinions of others. It’s human nature to care what other people …

Russ JamiesonHow to Stop Caring What Others Think

Power, Control, and Desire – Alan Watts

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Alan Watts explains that you think you want absolute power, but the truth is, that is not what we truly desire. The unexpected and the unknown is what excites people and makes life worth living. A completely predictable future is the past. If you got complete control over everything, what would you do with it? Image credits –

Russ JamiesonPower, Control, and Desire – Alan Watts

The Power of Giving

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Isn’t it what life is all about? The power of giving is life changing and gives you a feeling you cannot get anywhere else. No amount of money can give you this feeling – You cannot buy it. When we talk about giving, most people think of giving money, but there is so much more that you can give. You don’t need money to give, you just need the willingness to give and then act upon it. You can give someone a smile, a helping hand, a compliment, your time, your friendship, words of advice/consolation, etc. There are many, many ways to give. Giving makes you feel good. It has to be true giving though. You cannot truly reap the …

Russ JamiesonThe Power of Giving