Atom Can You Hear Me?

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Atom, Can you hear me? By Unasleep A beautiful video/poem. “Atom/Adam, can you hear me, on the eve of your discovery?” “An imagined heaven you pursued, instead of your roots, where heaven lies?”

Russ JamiesonAtom Can You Hear Me?

Planetary Integrity by Brain Swimme

Russ Jamieson Spirituality

Planetary Integrity – Brian Swimme A New Geological Era Mass extinctions – We are in the midst of change. We are giving birth to a new geological era. Download GBWhatsApp Apk Understand that our primary community is something beyond the nation/state, beyond culture – It is the earth as a whole. We need to think thing through from a larger view, from the point of view of the planet.

Russ JamiesonPlanetary Integrity by Brain Swimme

Alan Watts – Moksha

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Alan Watts – Moksha – the idea of liberation – wake up, its a dream People focus too much on the future, planning for the future – they become incapable of living now and enjoying life now. “Everything is falling apart, so don’t try and stop it” Go with change, don’t cling to static.

Russ JamiesonAlan Watts – Moksha

Alan Watts – Thinking

Russ Jamieson Alan Watts, Spirituality

Alan Watts – Thinking Video Credit: The Gout Code Philosophical instruments! Now called scientific instruments. Aristotle – The beginning of philosophy is wonder. Philosophy is mans expression of everything. His attempt to make sense of the world primarily through his intellect. Through thinking. Alan Watts talks about thinking and the limits of language. “I do know how to do it, but i just can’t put it into words!” “Trying to understand the world, purely by thinking about it is as clumsy a process as trying to drink the Pacific ocean out of a pint beer mug” “You can only think one thought at a time.” “There is a lot more to you than you realize” “You are not really separate …

Russ JamiesonAlan Watts – Thinking

A to Z Creating Affluence – Deepak Chopra

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Another great book by Deepak Chopra. Check it out at Amazon here: Creating Affluence: The A-to-Z Steps to a Richer Life Here is my summary:  download Bluestacks All of the material creation is made from the same stuff and comes from the same source. Experiential knowledge of this gives us the ability to fulfill any desire we have, acquire any material object we want, and experience happiness to any extent we aspire. According to quantum theorists, all material things, are made up of atoms, these atoms are made of sub atomic particles which in turn are fluctuations of energy and information in a huge void of energy and information. The raw material in the world is non material, stuff is …

Russ JamiesonA to Z Creating Affluence – Deepak Chopra

The 7 Laws of Success Summary – Deepak Chopra

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Great book – highly recommend. Below is my summary of the 7 laws. You can check it out at Amazon here: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams 1 – Law of pure potentiality: I will get in touch with the field of pure potentiality by taking time each day to be silent, to just be.  I will also sit alone in silent meditation at least twice a day for approximately 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. I will take time each day to commune with nature and to silently witness the intelligence within every living thing.  I will sit silently and watch a sunset, or listen …

Russ JamiesonThe 7 Laws of Success Summary – Deepak Chopra

Robert Anton – Real Reality

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All racism, sexism, cults, superstition, religions, ignorance are from not realizing that our perceptions are gambles. We believe what we see and interpret and we believe our interpretation. Naive realism.

Russ JamiesonRobert Anton – Real Reality

Tool 46 and 2

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Tool – A lot more spiritual than people think.

Russ JamiesonTool 46 and 2